Biblical counseling is a transformative approach that combines the wisdom of psychology with the power of the Gospel. It offers hope and healing to individuals who are struggling with various challenges in life. Through the integration of evidence-based practices and biblical principles, biblical counseling aims to guide individuals towards spiritual growth and emotional well-being. In this article, we will explore the inspiring journey of Dr. Jenn Chen, a clinical psychologist who found her faith and purpose through biblical counseling.

Early Years and Secular Therapy

Dr. Jenn Chen, a Japanese-American, grew up in a moralistic culture where attending Sunday school was a means to instill good morals. However, she felt a sense of inadequacy and fell short of understanding the true message of the gospel. During her teenage years, she faced various struggles and turned to secular therapy for guidance. While this therapy provided some support, it didn’t address the root cause of her issues or provide her with the hope she desperately needed.

Rediscovering the Gospel

In her undergraduate years, Jenn rediscovered Christianity and began to grasp the true meaning of the gospel – that Jesus died for her sins, regardless of her imperfections. She also recognized the powerful impact that her faith and therapy had on her overall well-being. Motivated by a desire to help others, she pursued a career in psychology and obtained a degree in marriage and family therapy.

Integration of Psychology and Biblical Counseling

Jenn’s passion to help those in need, especially those facing significant challenges, led her to pursue further education in psychology. She specialized in evidence-based practices and explored various therapeutic modalities. However, she began to notice the limitations and inconsistencies within the field of psychology. The approaches she learned seemed to be biased towards a middle-class, white worldview, and she struggled to apply them effectively in her work with diverse populations.

The Encounter with Biblical Counseling

It was during her time attending Lighthouse Community Church that Jenn’s life took a transformative turn. She experienced a period of intense physical and emotional distress, which prompted her to seek help. She turned to biblical counseling and was introduced to a different approach that focused on the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth and healing. Rather than dismissing her background in psychology, the biblical counselor showed her a better way – one that harmonized psychological insights with biblical principles.

Embracing the True Gospel

Initially, Jenn thought that biblical counseling was merely an extension of cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, as she delved deeper into her own heart and encountered the triune Redeemer, she realized how vastly different biblical counseling was from her previous training. She recognized the false gospels that she had unknowingly been promoting and embraced the truth of the gospel message. It was a revelation that went beyond simplistic solutions and touched the core of her being.

The Impact of Biblical Counseling

The impact of biblical counseling in Jenn’s life was profound. It challenged her idols, particularly her idol of performance, and showed her the sufficiency of God’s grace. She no longer relied solely on her knowledge and expertise but surrendered to the transformative power of the gospel. Through biblical counseling, she learned to love and serve others in ways that were previously unimaginable. She witnessed firsthand the radical change that can occur when individuals embrace the truth of the gospel and allow God to work in their lives.

Commitment to the Biblical Counseling Movement

Jenn’s personal journey with biblical counseling has fueled her commitment to the biblical counseling movement. She recognizes the stark contrast between false gospels and the one true gospel of Christ. Her involvement in the movement allows her to share her experiences, insights, and discernment with others. She strives to be faithful in stewarding her training and experiences, using them to help others navigate the complexities of life through the lens of biblical truth.

The Redemption of Psychology

As Jenn’s story demonstrates, the redemption of psychology lies in its integration with biblical counseling. Rather than discarding psychology entirely, biblical counseling seeks to redeem its valuable insights while filtering out the falsehoods and human-centered ideologies. It offers a holistic approach that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of individuals, providing them with genuine hope and transformation.


The journey to biblical counseling is a transformative one, as exemplified by Dr. Jenn Chen. Her story highlights the power of integrating psychology and biblical truth, leading to profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive work. Biblical counseling offers a unique approach that combines evidence-based practices with the unchanging truth of the Gospel. It is a journey that embraces the complexities of human nature and offers hope, healing, and transformation through the power of God’s Word.