In a recent patent discovery, Sony has unveiled a potential game-changing streaming device that could revolutionize the way gamers access and play their favorite titles. This device, when paired with a streaming stick, has the potential to enable cloud gaming services, eliminating the need for a traditional console like the PS5. While the exact details of this device are still uncertain, it presents an exciting opportunity for Sony to compete with Xbox Game Pass streaming and make a significant impact in the cloud gaming space.

The Sony Patent: A Pass-Through Platform

The patent, discovered by VeryAli Gaming, describes a device that acts as a pass-through between a TV and streaming sticks of choice. This pass-through platform allows users to access various streaming services, including Sony’s own PS Now, directly from their streaming stick’s home menu. This concept is reminiscent of popular streaming devices like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which offer a wide range of entertainment options beyond gaming.

The Potential of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has gained significant traction in recent years, with services like Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia leading the way. These services allow players to stream games directly to their devices, eliminating the need for high-end hardware. Sony’s potential streaming device could position the company as a major player in the cloud gaming market, offering an alternative to traditional console gaming.

The Evolution of Sony’s Streaming Services

It’s important to note that the patent was filed before the recent refresh of Sony’s PS Plus service, which now includes PS Now as part of its tiered offering. While the exact details of the final product are still unknown, it’s clear that Sony is actively exploring ways to enhance its streaming services and provide a more seamless gaming experience for its users.

A Clumsy Interpretation of Cloud Streaming

One aspect of Sony’s patent that has raised some eyebrows is its reliance on a streaming stick. Unlike other cloud gaming platforms that can be accessed directly from a variety of devices, Sony’s pass-through device requires a streaming stick to function. This approach may limit the accessibility and convenience of the streaming service, potentially hindering its adoption by a broader audience.

The Extent of the Gaming Library

While Sony’s patent showcases the inclusion of PS Now in the streaming stick’s home menu, the actual library of games available for streaming remains uncertain. The patent does not provide details regarding the specific titles or the extent of the gaming library. However, if Sony can offer a vast and diverse collection of games, including PS4 and legacy titles, without the need for a console or PC, it would be a significant advantage over other cloud gaming services.

Sony’s Response to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has been widely praised for its extensive library of games and its seamless integration with various devices. By introducing a competitive streaming device, Sony has the opportunity to match Xbox Game Pass and establish itself as a major player in the cloud gaming market. With its vast catalog of classic PlayStation titles, Sony has the potential to attract a large audience and provide a compelling alternative to Xbox’s offering.

Taking Inspiration from Microsoft’s Success

Microsoft has already made significant strides in the cloud gaming space with its Xbox Cloud Gaming service. The integration of this service into Samsung TVs and handheld devices like the Nvidia Shield has expanded its reach and accessibility. Sony can learn from Microsoft’s success and develop a similar strategy to ensure its streaming device is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing users to seamlessly access their favorite games.

The Potential for a Dedicated Streaming Stick

While the patent describes a pass-through device, there is speculation that Sony may eventually release a dedicated streaming stick. This stick could offer a more streamlined and user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for a pass-through device. By gauging interest and demand through the initial release, Sony can determine whether a dedicated streaming stick is a viable option for the future.


Sony’s potential game-changing streaming device, as described in its recent patent, presents an exciting opportunity for the company to compete with Xbox Game Pass streaming. While the details of the final product are still uncertain, the concept of a pass-through platform combined with a streaming stick has the potential to revolutionize cloud gaming. By offering a diverse and extensive gaming library without the need for a traditional console, Sony can attract a wide audience and establish itself as a key player in the cloud gaming market.