Meta, in partnership with Microsoft, has recently announced a range of new AI-based features, including chatbots and smart glasses. These advancements aim to enhance user experience and engagement across various platforms. By integrating Bing’s real-time search information, Meta’s AI assistants will be able to provide timely and accurate responses. Additionally, the introduction of AI-driven filters and stickers on Instagram will offer users more creative options for image editing. In this article, we will explore the key updates and implications of Meta’s new AI and VR push.

AI Chatbots

Meta’s new AI assistant, powered by advanced language models, will be integrated into several platforms, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and smart glasses. This AI chatbot will provide real-time information through Meta’s partnership with Bing, enabling users to ask questions and receive immediate answers. The new chatbot will also feature different personalities based on celebrity voices, enhancing user engagement and familiarity. While the success of this approach remains to be seen, Meta is taking steps to ensure the chatbots offer valuable information and an entertaining experience.

AI Tools on Instagram

Meta is introducing AI image editing tools on Instagram, allowing users to apply unique visual styles to their posts. With features like “Restyle,” users can describe the style they want and have the AI recreate it. This could spark new visual trends on the platform and offer brands the opportunity to create customized thematic visuals. Another tool, “Backdrop,” enables users to change the background of their images, making it ideal for product photography and creating consistent visual branding.

Generative AI Stickers

Meta is introducing AI stickers that can be customized with simple text prompts. These stickers can be used in chats and stories across WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. Meta’s AI tool can generate multiple unique stickers based on the text prompts provided, offering a fun and creative way for users to express themselves. With billions of stickers being sent across Meta’s apps each month, this feature is expected to be popular among users.

Create Your Own AI Bot

To empower developers and businesses, Meta is launching an AI studio that allows them to create their own AI engagement systems. Using Meta’s APIs, developers can build third-party AIs for messaging services like Messenger and WhatsApp. Businesses can also create AIs that reflect their brand values and improve customer service experiences. This new functionality provides an opportunity for businesses to integrate AI chatbots into their communication strategies and engage with customers more effectively.

Ray-Ban Stories V.2

Meta has unveiled a new version of its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, featuring improved hardware and battery life. The glasses now support livestreaming to Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to engage with their audience in real-time. These enhancements make the glasses a more attractive option for online creators. The new Ray-Ban Stories glasses will be available for purchase online and in retail stores starting from October 17th.

Quest 3 VR Headset

Meta has also announced its latest VR headset, the Quest 3. This advanced VR unit offers both VR and mixed reality experiences, providing users with a wide range of immersive possibilities. With breakthrough mixed reality technology, users can play virtual instruments or open portals to other dimensions while still being aware of their physical surroundings. The Quest 3 aims to become the standard for VR experiences and further drive the adoption of Meta’s metaverse environment.

Additional Information

In addition to the new AI and VR features, Meta is also working on a Meta Quest for Business platform. This platform will enable users to incorporate enterprise applications, such as Microsoft 365 tools, into a virtual office space. Meta’s continued focus on professional VR usage highlights its commitment to providing innovative solutions for various industries.


Meta’s new AI and VR push introduces exciting features that aim to enhance user experience and engagement across multiple platforms. The integration of AI chatbots, AI image editing tools, and customizable stickers offers users more creative options for self-expression. Additionally, the advancements in smart glasses and VR headsets open up new possibilities for immersive experiences. As Meta continues to invest in AI and VR technologies, we can expect to see further advancements that shape the future of digital interaction.