The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is the largest transportation network in North America, serving over 15.3 million people across a 5,000-square-mile travel area surrounding New York City, Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut. In order to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations, the MTA implemented Salesforce’s Customer Assistance System (Cassie) to power smarter, stronger, and more reliable customer service.

The Impact of Salesforce on MTA’s Customer Service

Before adopting Salesforce, the MTA relied on an older, more limited system. By switching to Salesforce, the MTA was able to standardize their case categorization structure and customer support processes. This led to greater consistency in the customer experience and reporting among core agencies such as New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad.

With the Cassie system powered by Salesforce, the MTA modernized its customer service capabilities. The implementation of digital tools for self-service, robust case management, personalized communication efforts, and increased collaboration has significantly improved the overall customer experience for riders.

Leveraging Salesforce Technologies for Enhanced Customer Experiences

The MTA utilizes a combination of Salesforce technologies to power its customer experiences. Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and MuleSoft integration are all key components of the MTA’s customer service transformation.

Experience Cloud for Streamlined Case Creation and Reporting

Through the integration of Experience Cloud, the MTA is able to automatically create cases in Cassie whenever a customer submits feedback via the MTA’s online intake form or contacts the MTA’s Contact Center. This includes incorporating social media and chat interactions into Cassie for more comprehensive reporting on customer concerns. By streamlining the case creation process, the MTA can effectively track and address customer issues.

Service Cloud for Efficient Case Routing and Personalized Updates

Service Cloud is utilized by the MTA to route cases to specific queues based on the information provided by customers. This enables faster handling of cases by directing them to the appropriate departments or individuals. Additionally, the MTA’s customer service staff can provide personalized status updates directly to the customer’s email as the issue is being resolved. This level of communication ensures that customers are informed throughout the resolution process.

Marketing Cloud for Timely and Effective Notifications

The MTA’s legacy system required customers to check a box on the MTA website to receive non-customized emails and SMS related to system-wide closures and repairs. With the implementation of Marketing Cloud, the MTA can now deliver personalized messages to riders at the right time. This improvement allows for increased subscribers and enhanced brand loyalty through timely and effective notifications.

MuleSoft for Seamless Integration and Information Sharing

MTA’s solutions leverage MuleSoft integration to seamlessly connect with other internal systems and share information between customer departments and other internal departments. For example, equipment maintenance requests are communicated via MuleSoft from Service Cloud to MTA’s internal asset management system. Once the equipment is fixed, updates are provided back to Service Cloud. This integration ensures that all relevant departments have access to the necessary information to deliver efficient and effective customer service.

Collaborating with AppExchange Partners for Scalable Customer Experiences

MTA has partnered with Copado, an AppExchange partner app, to improve the quality, speed, and security of their deployment of Salesforce technologies. This partnership allows MTA to connect its customer experiences at scale faster, ensuring a seamless integration of new technologies and enhancements for riders.

The Salesforce Perspective on MTA’s Customer Service Transformation

According to Nasi Jazayeri, EVP & GM, Public Sector & ESG at Salesforce, the MTA launched Cassie to enhance the entire customer experience for riders today and in the future. With Salesforce technology powering the operation, Cassie enables the MTA to proactively approach and adjust service provision, assess complications, pain points, and roadblocks for customers before they present themselves. This level of visibility allows the MTA to stay ahead of the curve and ensure riders have the most comfortable service experiences possible.


Through its partnership with Salesforce, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has successfully transformed its customer service operations. By leveraging Salesforce technologies such as Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and MuleSoft integration, the MTA has achieved greater consistency in customer support processes, enhanced case management, personalized communication efforts, and increased collaboration. As a result, riders now enjoy a better overall experience when they need assistance from the MTA.

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