The holiday season is not complete without the sweet aroma of chocolate and cinnamon wafting through the air. And to make the festive atmosphere even more delectable, the TV format “Panettone Artists” returns once again, bringing the irresistible taste of Christmas to our screens. In this sixth edition, airing from Monday, December 18th to Wednesday, December 20th, viewers will embark on a journey through the flavors of tradition, guided by renowned Italian pastry chefs and hosted by the talented Chiara Maci.

A Festive Culinary Adventure

Produced by Food Media Factory and Level 33, “Panettone Artists” takes viewers into the sweet world of Christmas desserts. Alongside Chiara Maci, 18 of Italy’s finest pastry chefs will showcase their original creations inspired by the prince of the festivities, the artisanal panettone. Each episode features Sal De Riso, President of AMPI (Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs) and winner of the previous edition of “Panettone Artists,” sharing his expertise and fascinating insights into the world of leavened treats. This year, the show introduces a new addition to the cast, Iader Fabbri, a renowned nutritionist and scientific communicator, who provides tips on balancing sugar intake during the holiday season.

A Delicious Sixth Edition

The sixth edition of “Panettone Artists” promises an array of tantalizing ingredients, simple preparations, and traditional flavors. Airing at 7:00 PM on Sky One and streaming on NOW, the show is a feast for the senses. Let’s delve into the mouthwatering creations featured in each episode.

Episode 1: A Tribute to Christmas Aromas

The first episode sets the stage for the season’s aromatic delights. Francesco Borioli presents a delightful Vanilla Cream with Spiced Crumble and Cinnamon Apples, while master pastry chef Giovanni Ricciardella tempts our taste buds with his irresistible Panettone Trifle. The journey then takes us to Campania, where Giuseppe Pepe prepares a delightful Christmas Delight made with Pellecchiella apricots from Vesuvius. The episode concludes with Andrea Besuschio’s enchanting Walk in the Woods, a cake that transports us to a magical forest.

Episode 2: Pleasing Every Palate

In the second episode, Salvatore Gabbiano caters to the needs of all viewers with his Wonder Cake, made with gluten-free crumble and almond sponge cake. Lucca Cantarin intrigues Chiara Maci and the audience with his Scrocchiamentiziamo, a meringue dessert with zabaglione sauce and cream. The episode ends on a high note with Salvatore Di Riso’s Torta Meraviglia, a cake that lives up to its name.

Episode 3: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The third episode strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity, tradition and innovation. Mattia Premoli demonstrates the preparation of his Mostaccino Caprese Cake, while Luigi Biasetto, the Panettone Artist of 2022, unveils the secrets to a perfect Christmas Ciambella, glazed and adorned with candied fruit. Paolo Sacchetti contributes Candela Mont Blanc, a Swiss meringue cake with gluten-free savoiardi and chantilly cream.

Episode 4: Culinary Masterpieces

The fourth episode features Roberto Rinaldini, a three-time world champion in pastry and gelato, presenting his original Saintiramisù. Carmen Vecchione then takes us on a journey down memory lane with the timeless Christmas Apple Tart. Vincenzo Tiri, the master of leavened treats, keeps viewers glued to the screen with his delicious Focaccia di Acerenza.

Episode 5: Exquisite Creations

Diego Crosara enchants us with his artistry in decorating Spiced Biscuits, while Andrea Zino shares the ancient history of Baciccia, the Genoese sweet bread often enjoyed by sailors. Roberto Cantolacqua creates a cake dedicated to the most anticipated guest of all, Santa Claus himself. His Santa Claus Bavarian Cream Cake with dark chocolate and mousse is a true delight.

Episode 6: A Grand Finale

The final episode marks the grand finale of the culinary journey through the flavors of traditional Christmas delights. Andrea Tortora presents his irresistible Gluten-Free Christmas Snack, a warm chocolate fondant tortino. Santi Palazzolo captivates the audience with his Intrigo, a cocoa sponge cake without flour, infused with orange and cinnamon and topped with crunchy dried fruit and cocoa glaze. Sandro Ferretti creates his supreme Coppa Imperiale, a coffee and orange-soaked dessert with mascarpone and zabaglione cream.

Partnering with Excellence

“Panettone Artists” is proud to partner with Agrimontana, a company that has been inspiring pastry chefs for 50 years with its excellent products. Also on board are ASTI Spumante and MOSCATO D’ASTI DOCG, sparkling wines that add aromatic bubbles to festive moments. Don Vanilla provides carefully selected and sustainably produced vanilla, enhancing the creations of pastry artists. Hausbrandt Trieste 1892, an iconic coffee brand, brings the taste and tradition of Italian coffee to over 90 countries. Italia Zuccheri, renowned for its sustainable approach, offers 100% Italian sugar, while Molino Spadoni, a specialist in flours since 1921, provides a wide range of high-quality products.


Get ready to don your aprons and ignite your stoves, as the Panettone Artists are poised to infuse the joyful atmosphere of the holidays with irresistible culinary magic. Their delicious recipes, easily replicated at home, tell a story of authentic traditions, unmistakable flavors, and infinite sweetness. Tune in to Sky One or stream on NOW to savor this delightful journey through the flavors of Christmas.