Microsoft Advertising has recently announced a range of exciting new features designed to enhance audience targeting and optimize ad campaigns. These updates include expanded audience options in Microsoft Advertising Editor, the introduction of auto-generated assets for responsive search ads, and the rollout of logo extensions for increased brand visibility. Let’s dive into the details of these innovative features and explore how they can benefit advertisers.

Audience Targeting in Microsoft Advertising Editor

One of the most significant updates is the global availability of audience targeting in Microsoft Advertising Editor. This feature allows advertisers to make bulk changes to audience associations, including remarketing, in-market audiences, dynamic remarketing, similar audiences, customer match, custom audiences, and custom combination lists. Previously, managing audiences had to be done through the Microsoft Advertising online interface, but now advertisers can conveniently create and manage audiences directly in the editor.

Furthermore, Microsoft Advertising has expanded the availability of in-market audiences across EMEA, APAC, and LATAM markets. This means that advertisers in these regions can leverage in-market audiences to reach potential customers who are actively researching or intending to make a purchase in specific categories. These expanded audience targeting options provide advertisers with more flexibility and control over their campaigns.

Auto-Generated Assets for Responsive Search Ads

Microsoft has introduced auto-generated assets for responsive search ads (RSA) in Microsoft Advertising. This feature allows advertisers to serve assets that are automatically generated alongside the ones they have provided. By enabling auto-generated assets, advertisers have witnessed a 9.4% increase in click share and an 8.3% increase in click-through rate. This powerful feature optimizes ad performance and helps advertisers maximize their campaign outcomes.

In addition to auto-generated assets, advertisers can now create multimedia ads by copying existing RSAs. This capability empowers advertisers to leverage their best-performing RSAs and enhance them with multimedia elements like images or videos. By incorporating multimedia elements, advertisers can create more engaging and visually appealing ads that capture the attention of their target audience.

Logo Extensions for Increased Brand Visibility

To further enhance brand visibility, Microsoft has rolled out logo extensions, a new ad format that allows advertisers to add their logos to text ads. This format can be used alongside other ad extensions and can be associated at the account, campaign, or ad group level. By incorporating logos into their ads, advertisers can reinforce their brand identity and increase recognition among their target audience.

Logo extensions provide an excellent opportunity for advertisers to showcase their brand logo and make their ads more visually appealing. This added visual element can help ads stand out in search results and create a stronger connection with potential customers.

Integrations for Customer Data Platform

Microsoft Advertising has also announced new integrations with Hightouch and Zapier for customer match. These integrations make it easier for advertisers to upload first-party data for targeted campaigns. By leveraging customer data, advertisers can create more personalized and relevant ads, leading to higher conversion rates and improved campaign performance.

Integrating customer data into ad targeting strategies allows advertisers to reach their desired audience more effectively. With the help of these integrations, advertisers can seamlessly connect their customer data platforms with Microsoft Advertising and leverage the power of data-driven targeting.


The recent updates from Microsoft Advertising introduce exciting features that empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns and reach their target audience more effectively. With the availability of audience targeting in Microsoft Advertising Editor, advertisers have more flexibility and control over their audience associations. The introduction of auto-generated assets for responsive search ads and logo extensions enhances the visual appeal and brand visibility of ads, ultimately leading to improved performance. Additionally, the integrations with Hightouch and Zapier for customer match enable advertisers to leverage their first-party data for more personalized and targeted campaigns.

By staying updated with the latest features and capabilities of Microsoft Advertising, advertisers can unlock new opportunities to enhance their ad campaigns and achieve their marketing goals. Incorporating these innovative features into their strategies can result in improved audience targeting, increased brand visibility, and ultimately, higher conversion rates. Stay ahead of the curve and take full advantage of the powerful tools offered by Microsoft Advertising to drive success in your advertising campaigns.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The author does not endorse any specific products or services mentioned in this article. The information provided here is based on publicly available sources and the author’s interpretation of the subject matter.