In today’s digital landscape, website performance plays a crucial role in user experience and search engine rankings. Google, being a major player in the search industry, continuously updates its tools to help website owners optimize their sites. One such tool is PageSpeed Insights, which has recently been updated with the new version of Lighthouse 11. These updates bring new features, audits, and bug fixes to improve website performance. In this article, we will explore the key changes introduced in Lighthouse 11 and how they can enhance your website’s performance.

Understanding Lighthouse 11 and PageSpeed Insights

Lighthouse is an open-source measurement tool developed by Google to identify and debug website performance issues. It powers various tools like PageSpeed Insights and measures core web vitals. The latest version, Lighthouse 11, was released on August 28, 2023. It introduces several changes and additions to enhance website performance analysis.

PageSpeed Insights, on the other hand, is a tool provided by Google that uses Lighthouse to evaluate website performance. It provides a performance score and actionable recommendations to optimize your site. The recent update brings new audits, changes to scoring, bug fixes, and improvements to help you further enhance your website’s performance.

Notable Changes in Lighthouse 11

Lighthouse 11 introduces several notable changes that website owners should be aware of. Let’s delve into these changes and understand how they can benefit your website:

New Accessibility Audits

Website accessibility is an important aspect that ensures your site is functional for all users, including those with disabilities. Lighthouse 11 introduces thirteen new accessibility audits to help you identify and fix accessibility issues. These audits include checks for elements like aria-allowed-role, image-redundant-alt, input-button-name, and more. By addressing these accessibility issues, you can improve user experience and make your website more inclusive.

Changes to Scoring and Best Practices

Lighthouse 11 brings changes to how best practices are scored. The scoring algorithm has been updated to provide more accurate performance evaluations. It’s important to understand these changes and align your website’s performance with the updated scoring criteria. By following the best practices, you can optimize your site and improve its overall performance.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The latest version of Lighthouse fixes bugs and addresses issues from the previous version. One notable bug fix is related to the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) scoring. LCP is a core web vital that measures the time it takes for the largest content element to appear on the screen. The bug in the previous version caused incorrect scoring for LCP, which has now been resolved in Lighthouse 11. This bug fix ensures more accurate performance evaluations for your website.

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) No Longer Experimental

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) is a metric that measures the interactivity of a webpage. It provides insights into how quickly users can interact with your site and is a crucial factor in delivering an excellent user experience. INP was previously an experimental metric, but with the latest update, it has been removed from the experimental stage. This change indicates that INP will become an official Core Web Vital in 2024. As website owners, it’s important to monitor and optimize your site’s INP to provide a seamless user experience.

Other Miscellaneous Improvements

Lighthouse 11 also includes various other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. These enhancements contribute to a more accurate evaluation of your website’s performance and provide better recommendations for optimization. It’s crucial to keep your website up to date with the latest version of Lighthouse to leverage these improvements and stay ahead of the competition.

Leveraging Lighthouse 11 for Enhanced Performance

Now that you’re familiar with the key changes introduced in Lighthouse 11, let’s explore how you can leverage this tool to enhance your website’s performance:

Perform Regular Audits

Regularly auditing your website’s performance using Lighthouse 11 can help you identify areas for improvement. Run the tool and analyze the results to gain insights into areas where your site may be lagging. Focus on addressing issues related to performance, accessibility, and best practices to ensure your website provides an optimal user experience.

Optimize Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals, including metrics like Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), are crucial for delivering a great user experience. Use Lighthouse 11 to monitor and optimize these metrics. By optimizing your Core Web Vitals, you can improve your website’s performance and potentially boost your search engine rankings.

Address Accessibility Issues

With the new accessibility audits in Lighthouse 11, you can identify and fix accessibility issues on your website. Ensure that your site is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Implement proper ARIA attributes, provide meaningful alt text for images, and make your website keyboard navigable. By improving accessibility, you create a more inclusive experience for all users.

Follow Best Practices

Lighthouse 11 evaluates your website based on various best practices. Follow the recommendations provided by the tool to ensure your site adheres to industry standards. Optimize your code, minimize file sizes, and leverage caching techniques to improve your website’s performance. Following best practices can lead to faster load times, better user experience, and improved search engine rankings.

Stay Up to Date

Google constantly updates its tools and algorithms, so it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest changes. Keep an eye on official announcements and release notes to understand the updates made to Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights. Regularly update your website and leverage new features to maintain optimal performance.


Google’s update to PageSpeed Insights with Lighthouse 11 brings new features, audits, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance website performance. By leveraging this tool, you can analyze your website’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your site based on industry best practices. Regularly auditing your website and staying up to date with the latest updates will help you deliver an exceptional user experience and stay competitive in the digital landscape. Embrace the power of Lighthouse 11 and unlock the full potential of your website’s performance.