Electric car subscription services have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional car ownership. These services offer convenience and flexibility, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle without the long-term commitment. However, like any service, there can be challenges and issues that arise. One such challenge is the processing of insurance claims, which can sometimes be slow and frustrating for customers.

Understanding the Issue

Recently, there have been reports of customers experiencing delays and difficulties with insurance claims through the electric car subscription service Onto. One customer, AM from Oxford, shared their frustrating experience when their wife was involved in a car accident. AM explained that Onto had taken a £1,000 excess upfront and promised a refund if their wife was not at fault. However, despite submitting the necessary information, AM faced a lengthy process with no resolution in sight.

Onto’s Claims Process

Onto claims that their standard claims process should take up to 12 weeks to resolve. During this time, the customer is expected to receive a refund for the difference between the excess and the repair cost if they were not at fault. Unfortunately, in AM’s case, the process had taken substantially longer, leaving them in a difficult position. Onto acknowledged the delay and took responsibility for it, ultimately refunding the full excess fee to AM.

Improving Communication and Speed

In response to these issues, Onto has recognized the need for improvement in communication and the speed of their claims process. They have committed to making changes to address these concerns and alleviate stress for their customers following an incident. By enhancing their communication channels and streamlining the claims process, Onto aims to provide a better experience for their subscribers.

Seeking Redress and Cancellation

AM’s case highlights the frustration faced by customers when dealing with insurance claims through Onto. Despite their efforts to provide the necessary information and follow up, AM found themselves with very little recourse to recover their money. As a result, they decided to cancel their subscription with Onto. It is important for customers to be aware of their options and seek redress if they feel their concerns are not being adequately addressed.

Customer Experiences

While AM’s experience with Onto’s insurance claims process was less than satisfactory, it is essential to consider that this may be an isolated incident. Other customers may have had positive experiences with Onto and their claims process. It is crucial to assess the overall customer feedback and reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the service provided by Onto.


Electric car subscription services like Onto offer a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional car ownership. However, issues with insurance claims can arise, causing frustration and delays for customers. Onto acknowledges the need for improvement in their claims process and is taking steps to enhance communication and speed up resolution times. As a customer, it is important to be aware of your rights and seek redress if necessary. By staying informed and sharing feedback, we can contribute to the ongoing improvement of electric car subscription services.