Infinity Testo e Traduzione

INFINITY | QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE ALBUM:  Heavy Metal 2000 Data di Uscita: 2000 TESTO Got a hole in my headEverything falls right outThrough my ears, through my eyesMakes no difference where you areYou wanna know how I do it?I do it all right I got a hole and I’ll never go homeThere ain’t …

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Old Money Testo e Traduzione

OLD MONEY | LANA DEL REY ALBUM:  Ultraviolence Data di Uscita: 2014 TESTO Blue hydrangea, cold cash divineCashmere, cologne and white sunshineRed racing cars, sunset and vineThe kids were young and prettyWhere have you been? Where did you go?Those summer nights seem long agoAnd so is the girl you use to callThe queen of New …

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