Strawberry Fields Forever Testo e Traduzione

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER | THE BEATLES ALBUM:  Magical Mystery Tour Data di Uscita: 1967 TESTO [Chorus]Let me take you down, because I’m going to Strawberry FieldsNothing is real and nothing to get hung aboutStrawberry Fields forever [Verse 1]Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you seeIt’s getting hard to be someone but it all … Read more

Heat Waves Testo e Traduzione

HEAT WAVES | GLASS ANIMALS ALBUM:  Dreamland Data di Uscita: 2020 TESTO [Intro](Last night, all I think about is youDon’t stop, baby, you can walk throughDon’t want, baby, think about youYou know that I’m never gonna lose)Road shimmer wigglin’ the visionHeat, heat waves, I’m swimmin’ in a mirrorRoad shimmer wigglin’ the visionHeat, heat waves, I’m … Read more

Back Door Man Testo e Traduzione

BACK DOOR MAN | THE DOORS ALBUM:  The Doors (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Data di Uscita: 1967 TESTO [Intro]Wha, yeah!C’mon, yeahYeah, c’mon, yeahYeah, c’monOh, yeah, ma [Chorus]Yeah, I’m a back door manI’m a back door manThe men don’t knowBut the little girls understand [Bridge]Hey, all you people that tryin’ to sleepI’m out to make it … Read more

Tears In Heaven Testo e Traduzione

TEARS IN HEAVEN | ERIC CLAPTON ALBUM:  Rush Data di Uscita: 192 TESTO Would you know my nameIf I saw you in heaven?Would it be the sameIf I saw you in heaven? I must be strongAnd carry on‘Cause I know, I don’t belongHere in heaven Would you hold my handIf I saw you in heaven?Would … Read more

I’ll Take Care of You Testo e Traduzione

I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU | ETTA JAMES ALBUM:  Life, Love & the Blues Data di Uscita: 1998 TESTO I know you’ve been hurt by someone elseI can tell by the way you carry yourselfBut if you let me here’s what I’ll doI’ll take care of you I, I’ve loved and lost the same as … Read more

Rewind Testo e Traduzione

REWIND | PAOLO NUTINI ALBUM:  These Streets Data di Uscita: 2006 TESTO Picking up the piecesOf the wreck you went and leftAnd I’m dealing with dilemmasIn my now so stressful lifeAnd I’m drinking stronger spiritsI made my home here on the floorAnd I’m losing all ambition and goals I’m going all outI’m thinking you’re just … Read more

La collina dei ciliegi Testo e Traduzione

LA COLLINA DEI CILIEGI | LUCIO BATTISTI ALBUM:  Il nostro caro angelo Data di Uscita: 1973 TESTO E se davvero tu vuoi vivere una vita luminosa e più fragranteCancella col coraggio quella supplica dagli occhiTroppo spesso la saggezza è solamente la prudenza più stagnanteE quasi sempre dietro la collina il soleMa perché tu non ti … Read more

Heart of Glass Testo e Traduzione

HEART OF GLASS | BLONDIE ALBUM:  Parallel Lines Data di Uscita: 1978 TESTO [Verse 1]Once I had a love and it was a gasSoon turned out had a heart of glassSeemed like the real thing, only to findMucho mistrust, love’s gone behind Once I had a love and it was divineSoon found out I was … Read more

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out Testo e Traduzione

THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT | THE SMITHS ALBUM:  The Queen Is Dead Data di Uscita: 1986 TESTO [Verse 1]Take me out tonightWhere there’s music and there’s peopleAnd they’re young and aliveDriving in your carI never, never want to go homeBecause I haven’t got oneAnymoreTake me out tonightBecause I want to see … Read more

Fiori rosa, fiori di pesco Testo e Traduzione

FIORI ROSA, FIORI DI PESCO | LUCIO BATTISTI ALBUM:  Emozioni Data di Uscita: 1970 TESTO Fiori rosa fiori pesco, c’eri tuFiori nuovi, stasera esco, ho un anno di piùStessa strada, stessa porta, scusaSe son venuto qui questa seraDa solo non riuscivo a dormire perchéDi notte ho ancor bisogno di teFammi entrare per favore, soloCredevo di … Read more