Accenture, a leading global professional services company, has announced its acquisition of Jixie, a media and marketing technology company based in Singapore. The integration of Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform into Accenture Song, the firm’s tech-powered creative group, will strengthen Accenture’s marketing transformation capabilities and resources in Indonesia. This strategic move aims to help Indonesian clients deliver more personalized customer experiences and drive sustainable business growth. In this article, we will dive deep into the details of this acquisition and explore the benefits it brings to the marketing landscape in Indonesia.

Jixie: A Comprehensive Suite of Monetization and Marketing Growth Tools

Jixie, headquartered in Singapore, caters to clients in Indonesia by offering a comprehensive suite of monetization and marketing growth tools. Its robust advertising ecosystem connects publishers and brand owners, empowering them to co-create solutions based on reliable customer insights. By transforming marketing from a fragmented process into a strategic priority, Jixie amplifies simplicity while safeguarding brand safety, consumer data, and privacy. This integration into Accenture Song’s marketing capabilities will allow clients to optimize customer data effectively, turning it into actionable insights that drive growth in Indonesia’s rapidly expanding digital economy.

“The convergence of marketing, data science, and technology creates opportunities for businesses to redefine their customer engagement model.” – Jayant Bhargava, Country Managing Director, Accenture Indonesia

Enhancing Publishers’ Monetization Returns and Brand Engagement

With Jixie’s platform, publishers gain access to monetization tools such as header-bidding solutions and performance marketing, enabling them to improve their advertising returns. Additionally, brand owners can seamlessly enhance and integrate content securely without intermediaries, leveraging valuable insights for unique and meaningful brand engagement. Jixie’s platform has been proven to double publishers’ monetization returns and significantly increase campaign click-through and conversion rates, all while enriching customer data.

“The value of data in today’s rapidly changing digital economy is immense, and the digital media ecosystem has seen much disruption, including the impending loss of third-party cookies.” – Joseph Tan, Indonesia Lead for Accenture Song

Driving Long-Term Growth in the Interconnected Digital World

The acquisition of Jixie by Accenture aligns with the company’s mission to help businesses navigate complex marketing challenges in the era of the interconnected digital world. By combining Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing solutions with Accenture’s technology expertise, Accenture Song can provide a winning proposition for businesses seeking higher levels of personalization and effectiveness in their marketing efforts. This strategic move allows Accenture to better serve its clients in Indonesia and support their long-term growth objectives.

“This acquisition will allow us to better serve our clients in navigating complex marketing challenges in this era of interconnected digital world, which is crucial in driving long-term growth.” – Jayant Bhargava, Country Managing Director, Accenture Indonesia

Investing in Southeast Asia’s Digital Marketing Landscape

The acquisition of Jixie’s business in Indonesia marks Accenture Song’s second investment in the country, following the acquisition of Romp. Accenture Song has been making significant investments in Southeast Asia to help its clients grow and stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This strategic move comes after Accenture Song’s recent agreement to acquire Rabbit’s Tale in Thailand, further solidifying its position in the region. Globally, Accenture Song has also made acquisitions such as ConcentricLife and Fiftyfive5 to strengthen its marketing capabilities and expand its reach.

“The next step for us is scale. We’re thrilled to be joining Accenture and contribute to shaping a more sustainable media industry, helping companies leverage their data in a trusted and advantageous manner in service of their customers.” – Vincent Martin, Co-founder and MD, Jixie


Accenture’s acquisition of Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to driving marketing transformation in Indonesia. By integrating Jixie’s platform into Accenture Song, Accenture aims to empower businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth in Indonesia’s booming digital economy. This strategic move further solidifies Accenture’s position as a leader in the digital marketing landscape and reinforces its dedication to helping clients navigate the challenges of the interconnected digital world.

“Jixie is an impactful platform that amplifies publishers’ perspectives and simplifies the digital marketing experience. This investment extends Accenture Song’s data-led commerce and marketing transformation work in Indonesia, empowering clients with highly relevant and results-driven solutions for sustainable business growth.” – Joseph Tan, Indonesia Lead for Accenture Song